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Weaver Park

My first year of university was a year I thought I’d be making friends exploring my new city I had moved to but in reality I was attending class online and living alone in an 8 bedroom student apartment. The Coronavirus outbreak happened during the second semester of my first year, completely tearing new connections made with classmates. While most people moved back to their respective counties, I stayed.


The first summer after the initial outbreak, restrictions eased allowing people to walk in parks and meet outside. Still alone wanting to enjoy the summer I picked up skateboarding, a hobby I had previously given up. Growing up in Co. Mayo and being a skater meant I was one out of a handful of skaters, that paired with the weather and lack of skating facilities made skating a seasonal hobby. 


Having never been to a skate park, Weaver park was intimidating at first but it became a second home for myself and many others during Covid. The mix of people interacting and co-existing was fascinating to me, age, social class, and skill did not exist, as a part of this community I felt I had to capture this very unique time and community. 


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