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Anglia captures the profound moments of my personal journey during a transformative period while on Erasmus in England. The project serves as a visual diary, documenting my struggle with mental health, the decision to abandon antidepressants abruptly, and the subsequent escape into the depths of alcohol and drugs.


Subconsciously I always knew that heading off on Erasmus was my way of running away. It's like, deep down, I knew I was escaping, but I didn't fully get it until the project started taking shape. Turns out, my plan to "get lost" was more of a cry for someone to find me. The images within this collection are a raw and honest reflection of the complexities surrounding mental health, self-discovery, and the search for one's identity.


As the lens captures both the haunting shadows and the vibrant lights of my experiences, viewers are invited to navigate the emotional landscapes that mirror the highs and lows of my journey. The narrative unfolds like a visual poem, inviting contemplation on personal struggles but also delves into the broader conversation surrounding mental health and the coping mechanisms individuals employ when faced with internal turmoil. The project seeks to destigmatize mental health challenges by creating a space for open dialogue and understanding.


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